Zoe Life "Free"​


​Zoe Life "Free"is for serious believers only:

Our purpose is to make disciples out of believers so we can...

"Live God's kind of life"(John 10:10) 

"With His kind of faith (Mark 11:22)

"While we continue the ministry that Jesus began (Acts 1:1)

Only the Seriously Committed, and Hungry need apply;  (This will get Deep)

This school is NOT for the religious run-of-the-mill Christian,  

You DON"T   have to be Mature, Just Hungry for More of Father and His Word.

3 years with limited weeks off,  If your Heart is for the WORD you will Love every minute.

It Will set you FREE, turn you ON, and Send you out ON FIRE  if you receive it

We meet one-time per week about 2 hours on Tuesday night at 6 pm SHARP! 

It is Free, No cost, but sowing seed is encouraged and "Blessed", (just ask the students).

We are finishing up this year in July  and will have a New Course schedule for the next years published as we go.

The Skeleton Outline Looks Something Like This:  12 Quarters, 3 years

September 6 (first class), Orientation and Course 1- God's Original Plan
Course 2- Covenants, (with Adam, Noah, Abram, Israel, and Jesus), Sovereignty; (the Great deception), Kingdom: (Redeeming the Plan, and Man).

Part 2- Identity, Course 1- Who we are In Christ, with courses on The Holy Spirit:The Anointing, and Divine Guidance, Faith, Healing, Finances, Stewardship.  
What we have as a Believer: The Word, Authority, and many others to come.

Lastly Part 3- What we are Called to do in the Kingdom: Discipleship,  The Great Commission will finish up the last year.

You won't find as much Bible crammed into 3 years Anywhere!! Guaranteed!!

If Jesus taught or ministered about it then so will we in our classes.

​Our first 3 years of "FREE" has been Awesome, the next will be "off the Chain"


"Our ClassRoom Views"