Life Christian University (LCU)

LCU is a Christian based Bible College

We teach a Spirit-filled Gospel about a Spirit God to those who want to know Truth

We believe Jesus is still doing today through the church (His body)what He began in His own ministry while on earth

We are a satellite campus of LCU. The main campus is located in Tampa, Florida

LCU is accredited through Transworld Accrediting International

We have degrees from diploma to PhD. in Theology

Classes are one night per week. 2-3 hrs per night. 1 subject with a test (or paper) due on the last night

Classes start in September and runs through May, usually on Thursday at 6pm

Cost is $175 per month, including books and syllabus for undergraduate courses

Each course has 3 credits. We accept transfer credits from other schools and are assessed accordingly

There is an option to audit classes for $110 per month, with no tests or degrees

Startup fees: one-time only, includes a $40 application fee, $20 graduation fee, $15 student manual fee
A total of $250 (including tuition) first month only

Our 2018-2019 Course Schedule

       Dates.                                  Course.                         Instructor. 

   If you are interested in Classes  or the upcoming schedule please call. 704-902-5082