Who is Zoe Life?
We are a Spirit-filled Bible College making Disciples out of believers

Zoe Life is the main College. There are two separate schools which operate under the ministry of Zoe Life.
The first school is Life Christian University (LCU) and the second is Zoe Life "Free"

My nane is Jason Bost and here is some information about my background and education, (for those who need such).
  • I have been in Ministry since 1978,  (Born Again at 8 yrs. old)
  • Ordained in 1990
  • Teaching for over 35 years
  • Teaching in a Bible College since 2004
  • Masters Degree in Theology from (LCU) in 2005
  • Started (LCU) (Dircetor) in Statesville NC in 2009
  • Doctorate of Ministry 2010 (LCU)
  • Started Zoe Life "Free" Bible College in 2014
  • Published book, "ROXI Understanding God's Love For Me"  
  • I live in Harmony, NC with my wife Cirela and our 3 boys Jon, Max, and Tai